Issues with Chamberlain HD950WF

One of my garage door’s failed so I figured it was time to bring my garage doors into my automation. I liked what I read about the HD950WF so decided to replace both my doors. Was able to set them both up in My Q account. Then realized to get them in do ADC that I needed to pull them from My Q, simple enough and done. So adding the first one to ADC was easy as it asked for the serial number. But the second unit it wants me to have it learn off the first one? Seem ADC must thing I have a single gateway, but each opener has its own gateway. So now I am stuck not sure how to add the second opener to ADC.

As a side note I am a bit disappointed in what ADC offers for rules. Ideally I want to have my alarm disarm when I open the door.

Also I don’t see a way to remove my Garage door from ADC if I want to go back to My Q?

Any help would be appreciated.

It looks like there isn’t currently a way to add 2 Liftmaster gateways via the user account website. The HD950WF is a relatively new MyQ device and the first one where you might have 2 gateways on one account. Apparently they haven’t accounted for it yet.

As your dealer, we can add the second gateway to your account. Can you email the serial number of the second HD950WF to We’ll get it added for you and we’ll talk to about updating the user site for others in your situation.

If you want to remove them from your account we can do that for you as well.

Done, thanks!