Issue with Z-Wave Device Malfunction

I have a couple Z-Wave locks that were reporting a malfunction. What can I do to fix this? Is it firmware related? If so, how do I go about updating that?

Happy to assist! It does not appear that they are reporting a malfunction currently, is that correct? It also appears that you are only utilizing the two z-wave locks, if so , you will likely experience issues with the z-wave network, as your only nodes are battery powered devices. for more information on maintaining a z-wave mesh network, see this post here.

Regarding firmware, it is always a good idea to keep your panel up to date, you can find firmware release notes here. While firmware updates include general z-wave network updates, Z-wave locks will typically require a bit more assistance from neighboring nodes than other devices for solid communication. If you plan on using locks only and are going to get more than one lock, you will typically want a few Zwave devices that operate off of AC power rather than battery to ensure optimal communication.

Firmware can be updated in a couple ways:

  1. Firmware Update Cable The 2GIG USB firmware update cable allows you to update your 2GIG Go!Control firmware from any PC for free. It requires that your current firmware be version 1.5 or higher to work (Records indicate that you are at 1.10, so you would be compatible). Firmware files can be downloaded via the previous link.

  2. Over the Air (OTA) Update. Firmware updates via cellular, Eaach OTA update can take anywhere from 3-12 hours to complete. Each OTA update over cellular incurs a $10.00 data charge and upgrades are somewhat incremental. It would take one OTA update to take your system from 1.10 to 1.12 and then a second OTA update to get from 1.12 to the current 1.19. Should you wish to proceed, please submit your request to our team via the Secure Message Tool.