Issue with Z-Wave and Qolsys IQ

I am having some issues with the new panel.

  1. I cannot add any z-wave devices to the panel. I have tried a door lock, a light switch, and an Thermostat. I had all of these devices paired with the old panel and everything had been working fine. I put the panel into pair mode, but it never sees the devices when they are put into pair mode and it times out. The door lock and light switch are about 5 feet from the panel so distance should not be a problem. The light switch is very easy, just push up on the switch and it pairs, I’ve never had problems with it, but this panel just will not see it or anything else. I went into the settings and ensured that the z-wave was enabled.

  2. When pairing failed, I went into the settings and checked for software upgrades. It performed two upgrades, then when I checked a third time, it said it was downloading a file, but after downloading it, it says it is up to date. It had the same file name as the second upgrade, but without a hash code. Anyways, it seems odd that it is trying to do that upgrade repeatedly. Pairing still fails even after the software upgrades and panel reboots.

Please let me know if there is something else I can try, but I worry I have a defective panel.

Z-Wave devices save a parent network link and cannot be added to a new network until they are removed from the first one. In order to add the Z-Wave devices to your new panel, you will first need to clear them from their parent network.

This can be done from your new panel. From the home screen of your new panel navigate to Settings-> Installation -> Home Control Devices -> Clear Device -> then utilize whichever method the Z-Wave device has for pairing to a network. You should get confirmation that the device has left the network or otherwise cleared. Once this is done, you will then be able to re-add the device to the new panel using “add device.” After following the above steps, any change?

Regarding the firmware issue, records indicate that your panel is at 1.6.3 which is the current firmware version.

Ok thanks, learn something new every day! I had read through the pairing instructions for the devices, but they did not mention anything about unpairing/clearing.

So 4/5 of the devices cleared and re-paired with the new panel. One of my light switches is not communicating with the panel, but I think it is flaky. I may reinstall it and try again. Thanks for your help.