Issue with unresponsive sensor and SEM


I am using a DSC PowerSeries panel with the SEM and I have an issue with a motion sensor that does not report correctly in but does register at the panel. Can I reset this or run a Zone Sync to fix this issue? If so, how?

Happy to assist!

This does not appear to be related to an account through Surety, is that correct? If so, we would be limited in troubleshooting as we would not have access to certain back end features/tools that may assist in this matter.

It is possible to run a Zone Scan, which may alleviate the issue. To do so you will need to power cycle the panel. First ensure that the panel is disarmed, then you will want to want to power down your panel completely, transformer first, then battery. Leave the whole system powered down for a couple minutes then power back up, battery first then transformer. Upon powering up, the system should run a Zone Scan. Once complete, test the sensor, does it report properly?