Issue with SkyBell Slim not Recording

My Skybell Slim doorbell camera has stopped recording. I receive push notifications when motion is detected or the button is pushed, but it is not automatically recording based on these events. I tried disabling and enabling each recording schedule separately and it still does not work.

It does stream live video when accessed so I know it is connected to a WiFi signal.

Can you please advise on what I need to do so that it records automatically and saves clips when it detects motion?

Thank you

Should pausing and re-activating the schedule not resolve this, the best first step would be a power cycle of the Skybell. I’ve sent a command to the camera to reboot. It looks like that cleared up a possibly related reporting error in the camera’s diagnostics. Can you test your recording schedules now? Note that it looks like you still have the doorbell call schedule paused. Wait at least 5 minutes after activating again to test.