Issue with sensor triggering alarm

I have problem with a door/window sensor.

Sensor name: Basement Door
Desired behavior: 1. monitor activity (opened/closed) 2. Do NOT trigger alarm
Actual behavior: 1. monitors activity (GOOD) 2. DOES trigger alarm (BAD)

This used to work correctly. Now it doesn’t. settings: 1. Notifications > Alarm Events a. Is reported by: Specific Sensor b. Basement Door is UNCHECKED 2. Settings > Devices > Devices a. Basement Door: Activity Monitoring is CHECKED How can I fix this?


Happy to help out!

To clarify, you want to get notifications whenever the sensor in question is tripped but you don’t want the sensor to trigger the alarm, correct?

To do this, the Alarm Type would need to be set to “23 No Response type.” Currently it appears that the sensor is set as “Exit Entry 1.” 23 No response type will not trigger an alarm when the sensor is tripped.

This will need to be set locally at the panel, to do so, click the logo on the bottom right hand corner of the screen to enter the installer toolbox and enter your installer code. Click “System Configuration” and scroll right until you reach the desired sensor. Click the down arrow to select the sensor type and select “23 No Response Type” To save Next, Skip End and exit saving changes.

In you will want to navigate to Notifications -> Sensor Activity and ensure that the desired sensor is checked and the notification is saved and ON. Note that the Alarm Activity notification is for Alarm events and the Sensor Activity notification is the one you will want in this instance.