Issue with Sensor Malfunction and Crash and Smash notification

I recently had Central Station contact me regarding an alarm, however, the alarm never sounded in the house. I did get a Crash and Smash notification, what is this issue here?

Happy to help!

Records indicate that the “Suspected entry delay alarm (possible crash & smash)” event triggered an alarm notification. Looking at history, it appears that the Front Door was opened while the panel was armed. However, never received a signal from the panel regarding either a disarm or an alarm (these would be signals that is expecting to receive after the door opened)

If receives a signal showing entry delay started, but no disarm or alarm signal afterward, it is treated as a possible Crash and Smash of the system, which is handled as an alarm. In this scenario, assumes the panel has been ripped of the wall or otherwise disabled by an intruder.

Looking at Signal Strength, the panel’s signal strength is very low and is the likely culprit in this scenario. The panel’s signalling was too low to send the necessary signal to Some things you will want to check regarding low signalling:

The cellular module comes with an antenna, you will want to ensure that this antenna is plugged in firmly into the cellular module.

If the panel is mounted on the wall, you will want to ensure that the panel is mounted on an exterior wall, not in a closet or basement, to ensure optimal signalling.

Also, if the cellular module’s antenna is touching metal or power inside the wall, this can degrade signalling as well. Additionally, if the panel is mounted near metal, like duct work or even large appliances, this too can degrade the signalling.

Something to try in this scenario would be to completely power down your panel, transformer first, then the internal battery. Once powered down, remove and reseat the Cellular Module. During this time, check the antenna and ensure that it is firmly attached to the card. Once done, wait about 2 minutes then power the panel back up, battery first, then transformer.

Now check the panel’s signal strength, this can be found via the Radio Status button in the Installer Toolbox. What does it read?