Issue with Poor Signalling and Failing Cell Test

My unit is failing for cell phone test lately, what can I do? Please take a look at the error and let me know why signal level is 0/31 and i saw the registration status is failed.

Happy to assist!

How long have you been experiencing these low to no signalling issues?
Has the panel been moved recently? Is the cellular module antenna still firmly attached to the card?

When able, you will want to fully power down your panel, wait five minutes, then power your panel back up. Once powered back up, please run a cell test. Any change? While powering down the panel, it would be a good time to ensure that the antenna is firmly attached to the card and that the card is seated properly.

Some things you’ll also want to check:
-Installation point, main or higher floor, close to an outer wall (to achieve optimum signaling)
-Ensure that the panel is not located near any metal, which can diminish the signal.

Thanks for the quick reply, Alarm is down almost 30 days now. How come I didn’t get any notification or call. I get billed even though service is down, how are you guys monitoring the service?

Well looking into this:

  1. The quickest way to know of radio modem cellular failure is at the panel. Remotely this must be inferred. Q23 in programming determines the time it takes to notify at the panel.

  2. It doesn’t look like panel not responding notifications are set up currently as a system actions notification in Log into and navigate to notifications. Select System Actions to Watch. Check the box next to Panel Not Responding. This is a 6 hour supervision notification with Gold Interactive. You can select any number of recipients.

  3. In this case, the panel has actually been communicating during the time frame you mention. It looks like shortly following most failures (which appear to be more prevalent in the evening/early morning) there is a restoral of communication. This happens what appears to be every day. We do see some sensor/panel activity, etc.

The issue in this case appears to be signal strength. It is very low, which may indicate that the panel antenna is loose or has construction interference. Is the panel mounted to a wall?