Issue with Panel Not Signalling

My app won’t clear or let me disarm/arm thru it. I had to reset a breaker but the system and panel is now working fine but I can’t clear the app. And cell phone test passes too. I’ve logged in and out and also uninstalled and re installed the app too…what else??

Happy to assist!

What was the cause of the breaker trip?

Records indicate that your panel is currently not signalling at all, which would explain the inability to arm/disarm remotely via the app. There is no indication that a successful cellular test has been run recently either.

Have you tried power cycling the panel?

If not, when able, you will want to fully power down your panel (Unplug the transformer first, then the battery). While the panel is off, you will want remove and reinstall the cellular module. At this time you will also want to ensure that the antenna attached to the cellular module is installed properly as well.

Once the module has been re-seated, then power your panel back up (Battery First, then the Transformer) Once powered back up, please run a cell test. Any change?

I’ve replaced the battery pack and done a cell test but the phone app will not respond. The panel console is clear of issues and notifications. Why won’t it sync?

As above, there are actually no signals on the account in question since 1/5/2018 after the low battery report. There have been no successful cell phone tests received since you have re-powered the device.

It is strange that you see success locally, however since no test signal is received on, signaling is in general down. This could have a number of causes. To troubleshoot:

So we can match with history, when was the last time you performed the cell phone test?

What is the signal strength you see under the Radio Status button in installer toolbox? Security > Menu > Toolbox > Installer Code > Installer Toolbox > Radio Status.

Have you tried the above troubleshooting suggestions from the original response?

Did you happen to switch out the cellular module in the panel? If you swap your cellular module it would not communicate with until the new module number is associated with your account by suretyDIY customer service. If you have swapped your module please supply the IMEI (or ADC if Verizon) number from the module via our secure message tool.