Issue with panel not communicating

Alarm panel fell off the wall along with multiple malfunction notices that we can seem to get rid of.

You will want to check the panel for any damage and go over it carefully. Fully power down the panel, battery first then transformer, then ensure that the internally wiring has not come undone, if it has you will want to rewire it. This video covers how.

You will also want to check to ensure that the cellular module has not become damaged and that it is installed correctly. You will want to ensure that the XCVR2 communication module is installed properly and not damaged as well.

Once the panel is rewired following the correct polarity you will want to power it back up, battery first then transformer. Does it power up? If so you will want to run a cell test at the panel to facilitate restoral of communication. Does this fix the issue?

Regarding the other malfunctions, it would appear that they are related to a Smoke detector labelled Office (3 zones Smoke, Heat Freeze) The malfunction will go away when the underlying issue is resolved.

The malfunction would be related to just one device, the smoke detector, and its three zones (Smoke Heat and Freeze) How far away from the main panel is the Smoke detector?
How old is the smoke detector and what is the date code on the batteries?