Issue with malfunctioning panel


One of our two panels is just dead. Checked to make sure all circuits were good and no breakers tripped.

Is there a reset button or something we can try to get it back to life?

Happy to assist! Records indicate that the TS1 secondary panel is the panel that is malfunctioning. Are the buttons lit up at all? Is the touch screen unresponsive?

You’ll want to ensure that the power supply is plugged in and that the outlet it is plugged into is working properly. Next, ensure that the wires have not come loose from the transformer or at the panel and that the wires are connected properly.

Once you have confirmed that the wiring is correct, try powering down the panel, wait a couple minutes then power it back up, any change?

If not, you can try to factory default the TS1 secondary panel by holding both face buttons down during the reboot process. After about 20 seconds or so both face buttons should light up indicating a successful reboot.

Hi Tyler,
Yes, it is the secondary panel.
Buttons are not lit up at all, touch screen is unresponsive.

Nothing has changed as far as plug ins and wiring, but I’ll check again.

How do I power down when it appears there is no power?

I’ll try holding both face buttons down, to see if that brings it back to life.

How do I power down when it appears there is no power?

This just means to unplug the power supply, the TS1 might be getting power but it may have frozen or otherwise failed.

Have you tested with a multimeter/voltmeter whether the transformer is delivering 14VDC power? That would determine whether the issue is with the transformer or the TS1 itself.

If the transformer is not delivering voltage when plugged in, you may only need to replace the transformer.

It is good to double check all wiring and connections first, as well as voltage at the TS1.

Thanks Jason,

Don’t have voltmeter, so guess would have to call electrician?

Will double check all wiring and connections, and turning power off and back on.

Don’t have voltmeter, so guess would have to call electrician?

Voltmeters/multimeters can be found at hardware stores or online pretty cheap (much cheaper than an electrician visit most likely) and it is easy to test on low-voltage wires. You would simply switch the meter to test DC voltage and apply the leads to the respective positive and negative TS1 input terminals.