Issue with Hardwire 16 and tamper


I have my alarm connected now. Everything seems to be in order, but I have errors showing tamper for 3 Qolsys Hardwire 16 boxes I have…

None of them have a wire connecting the tamper terminals. If I manually tamper then I get a notification that they have been tampered. But currently all boxes are operational.

Could you provide more insight? Thanks!

Happy to assist!

It looks like the takeover module supervisory zones are the ones showing tamper. This is a common issue if you do not install a jumper on the tamper wires. In order to stop each Hardwire 16 from reporting a tamper, you’ll want to put a small bit of jumper wire between the tamper terminals on each hardwire 16. Once that is accomplished you’ll want to power cycle each hardwire 16 and then reboot the panel.

That fixed it. Thanks. There wasn’t any documentation in any of the videos or quick start guides showing the need to add the jumper in.

I randomly got an error of “malfunction (water flow)” when I log into ADC.

Is that a flood sensor malfunctioning? If so which one? Or is it something to do with the rachio irrigation timer?

How do I pin point what that means?


Water Flow, which is zone 52, is set as Sensor Type: Smoke Detector and reported as offline due to a supervision error.

You’ll see this kind of error when the panel does not receive the “Check-in” signal from the sensor. This could be an environmental factor that is preventing the signal from reaching the panel or, most likely, it is due to the sensor’s battery being borderline low. How old is the battery in the sensor? Does replacing the battery fix the issue?

Hi Tyler,

Sorry to hijack this thread but I’m running into the same issue as the OP. Since this past weekend my hardwire 16 has been going into tamper mode - I can disconnect power and battery and the tamper goes away, but comes back about 2 hours later. Should I try the tamper jumper as well? I don’t currently have one on, did the install myself and don’t remember any documentation about it.


Yes, a jumper wire should be installed between the tamper terminals on the Hardwire 16. Then power cycle the Hardwire and reboot panel. supervision should not report tamper again for that zone.

Sounds good Warren - did it last night and things look good now, thanks!