Issue with GC3 and V-SCT200

Have (2) V-SCT200 (Vivint Element thermostats) on our GC3 panel. Both show up and work fine in ADC and are controllable with no problems.

Noticed initially that once I added them to the panel, they hid themselves. After Unhiding them, they show up fine in the “All Devices” list, however when going into “Thermostats”, they appear as attached (after flashing the current and setpoint temperature for just a moment) and are not controllable from the panel itself.

Has anyone else had this issue/does anyone have any suggestions?

The V-SCT200 is not an officially compatible thermostat with any compatible alarm system or unfortunately.

Vivint has historically kept products locked down, and anything branded to them with a unique part number is not going to be usable (with any expectation of regularity) outside of their system.

Z-wave has a lot of universality, so most commands for one thermostat will be identical for another, but that doesn’t necessarily extend to local panel UI, and it doesn’t mean it will be fully compatible. They currently show up in ADC with an unknown manufacturer and blank product info.

If they are working for you through ADC there would be no imminent need to swap, but as they are not supported there would be no guarantee they would continue to work (or that no problems might creep up).

In general when it comes to Z-wave devices, if it is a light switch it should be expected to work unless specified. For locks and thermostats, they should be expected to not work unless it is specified that they are supported by the panel manufacturer.