Issue with Garage Door State and Alarm

Hello, Last night I armed my system at around 9, but this morning noticed an email saying that one of my garage doors (which is monitored) reported a door left open message. The door was physically in its closed position this morning and I have not seen a message saying the event was returned to normal state. How could that have happened if the alarm without the alarm being tripped? Thanks,

Happy to assist!

Note that it looks like both alarm sensors on the garage doors and MyQ devices exist on the account, and looking at the history, the sensor that reported being left open is not an alarm monitored sensor, it was the garage door MyQ device itself. That means the MyQ overhead controller did not update ADC the last time the door closed.

MyQ devices do not influence the alarm system or cause alarms. They communicate directly with via your internet.

This could be due to low battery (if it is a MyQ tilt sensor) or temporary wifi connection issue. When the door was opened and shut later the issue resolved.

To help clarify which devices are reporting, it would be best practice to add “MyQ” to the end of the device names for the MyQ doors. You can edit names under Settings - Devices