Issue with False Alarm

We had some false alarms in the night and think there is some issues with the wiring or something, please advise.

Records indicate that this zone is a wired zone connected to a TAKE-345 takeover module, is this correct?

Have you been seeing issues with just one sensor connected to the Takeover module, or multiple sensors?

You will want to ensure that the sensor is wired properly both at the sensor and connected to the Takeover module.

Have you made any physical changes around the TAKE-345? Any metal objects been added/moved in the environment?

Another possibility is borderline resistance on the circuit. Corrosion, kinks, or other cable damage can increase the resistance above what the TAKE expects. Straddling the expected resistance level can cause false alarms, or the TAKE-345 might not appropriately see the sensor activate.

Do you have a multimeter to test resistance? If so, what is the resistance on that sensor circuit? It should be below 3kohms.

It may be best to post pictures of the sensor’s wiring as well as wiring at the Takeover module