Issue with camera not recording

Camera is not recording. No archived footage.

Happy to assist!

Looking at your signal, its wireless quality is very intermittent which would be why your camera is not recording as its unable to connect to the wi-fi properly. Are you able to bring the wireless router closer to the camera? Have you tried to reboot the camera?

My camera is no longer a recording or archiving footage. Last month I got a notification that I went over my save quota but it should be reset by now. All my options in the app are set to record properly. The doorbell and modem are about 10 feet away from each other so there should not be any connectivity issue.

How long has this issue been occurring? It looks as though the last upload was on 8/3
Your recording settings are indeed set up correctly. Although no recipients have been assigned.
I do notice your firmware is out of date. You will want to update this. Via the website navigate to Settings -> Video Device Settings -> Video Device Info and upgrade the Firmware. Any Change?

I asked about the router distance because your signal quality is intermittent and records indicate that your camera has disconnected from in the last 24 hours.