Issue with app?

Is the app down?

Error on wifi and cellular.

Just tested my own system and it is working normally through the app.

Is this message after just opening the app or when logging in?

Okay then it is after Face ID so trying to log in.

I did get logged in once but took a while for panel to come up as I was trying to check activity and haven’t been able to get back in.

But website works so will uninstall and re install and see.

It’s working now.

Maybe I tried during a hiccup.


Alright, thank you for following up and confirming. Let us know if you see any continued issues.

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Looks like ADC is indeed reporting a possible wide issue now with access. You are the first report we received on it.

I am not seeing issues using the app myself but it may be related only to login.

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Cool, so I’m not going crazy :rofl:. Thanks.