Issue with 2gig GC3 panel

Over the last 6 months the panel has done something that causes a loud message to broadcast around 1-3 AM. “System is disarmed, Ready to Arm”. I could not see anything in the history that points to why it’s happening. Very Annoying! We currently do not arm the system at night. If this is some kind of maintenance or update, it should be done at another time, as it wakes us up. because the panel in our bedroom.

Please advise

I’m sorry to hear you are having an issue but I am happy to assist! When the system announces the Arming Status, that typically means one of a few things:

  1. The panel rebooted.
  2. The Security software service restarted.
  3. The panel exited programming.

There is no maintenance or updates happening then, but there are modem pings being sent intermittently. These do not result in that announcement though.

It is possible your module or firmware version may be having an unexpected reaction to automated processes. Your panel firmware is very old, and it would be best to first try updating to more recent firmware to see if it resolves this issue.

Try updating to 3.1.3. Firmware can be found here and is updated via a USB stick.