Issue: Disarm the 2GIG panel a Panic Signal is Sent

when I disarm the system a panic alarm goes off and I am unsure what could be causing it.

Happy to assist! There could be a couple issues here. When disarming the 2GIG panel, are you clicking on the Security button from the Home Screen? If so, you could be entering the Duress User Code (User Code 8). This will disarm the system but also send a silent duress code to Central Station operators.

If you aren’t disarming the panel via Home -> Security -> Disarm, are you clicking on the logo in the bottom right hand corner of the home screen? If you are utilizing service through suretyDIY, the logo should be ours, otherwise it could say 2GIG or another dealers logo. Regardless, the logo is used to not only access programming but is also a “Secret Duress Button.” From page 32 of the Go!Control User manual:

With the system armed, tapping the logo displays the standard disarm code entry screen. Use a valid user code or a duress user code to disarm the system. The system disarms normally, but a silent duress report is sent to the Central Station and they will dispatch help

Ultimately, when disarming the panel locally, you should disarm from Home -> Security -> Disarm and use any non Duress user code.