Issue connecting IQ2 secondary panel to IQ Panel

I’m trying to connect an IQ2 Panel to a Qolsys panel running 1.6.2 software. It will not sync and load the IQ2 Panel. Any sugestions?

What is the firmware version of the IQ2? Find that under More - About.

Does the IQ2 show up under IQ2 devices in the IQ Panel?

IQ2 panel is running 2-1.4 version. when trying to connect the IQ2 device it will show up on the main panel

A 1.4 firmware IQ2 will not be functional with a Qolsys 1.6.2 panel. You would want to update the firmware to match.

See instruction from Qolsys below:

To manually update an IQ2 to 1.6.2 software first pair the IQ2 with an IQ Panel running version 1.6.2, then follow the steps below:

  1. From the IQ Panel touch “Settings”
  2. Enter a valid installer code (default is 1111)
  3. Touch “Installation”
  4. Touch “Upgrade Software”
  5. Touch “Patch Tag” and enter the patch tag iq216 then touch Done, then OK
  6. Touch “IQ2 Panel Upgrade Using Network” and the update will download
  7. Press OK when prompted to send the update over the WI-FI network to any IQ2’s that are paired with the panel.
  8. Follow the on screen prompts on the IQ2 to accept and install the 1.6.2 update. Once installed the the IQ2 will relaunch the software.
    Verify that it has been successfully updated by going to Settings>About. The Software Version should read: 1.6.2

Is the iq216 patch tag still valid?
I also have an IQ2 in my hands that’s running 1.4. My qolsys panel is at 1.6.3
When trying to upgrade with the iq216 patch, the qolsys states that no patch with this tag is found.

You will want to use “iq2163” This patch is meant for IQ2s at 1.4 specifically. You will want to confirm that the secondary panel is at 1.4 before continuing.

What patch do I use for an iq2 that is running 1.5 to pair to a main panel running 1.6.3?

For steps to update an IQ2 secondary keypad for the original Qolsys IQ Panel if the IQ2 is out of date:

The IQ2 must be updated over Wifi using this process.

  • Delete IQ2 from main panel
<li>Do two master resets on IQ2(s) back-to-back</li>

<li>Reconnect to Wifi on IQ2</li>

<li>Grab IP address and add to main panel, stay on Wifi connect screen</li>

<li>Add IQ2 to main panel DO NOT PING after adding</li>

<li>Go immediately to Upgrade Software --> enter Patch Tag "iq2163" and IQ2 Panel Upgrade Using Network.</li>

<li>Press OK when done. DO NOT TOUCH IQ2 for up to 10 minutes</li>

<li>IQ2 will reboot itself and finish installation process of upgrade</li>