Is your system code compliant for installed smoke detectors?

This is in particular to 2GIG systems, but applies to all household systems with fire protection (smoke detectors)

I suspect many DIY’ers with 2GIG panels that install smoke detectors, still use the original battery pack that came with the panel.

Many do not realize that by doing so, you are not compliant with UL 985, and that this could be grounds for an insurance company adjuster to DENY your homeowners claim in the event of a fire.

UL 985 Standard for household fire warning system units

Note regarding battery pack date codes:
These battery packs are date coded (e.g., 1324, or 1417, which translates to the 24th week of 2013, or 17th week of 2014), due to the nature of these batteries NiMH, they “age” whether they are in a panel, or sitting on a warehouse self. On the average, they only last 3 years or so. So a BATT2X, with a date code of 14XX, is already a year old, and has lost approx. 15%-20% of it’s capacity.

If you obtain a 2GIG-BATT2X to be code compliant, be sure to get a battery pack not more than a year old. Preferably dated 15XX

2GIG-BATT2X (date coded Nov, 2013)