Is This Right?

The app always says this. What exactly does it mean?

Is it supposed to be this way? I took a screenshot from my phone to post.

I see “System Armed Away” and “Hallway Motion Detector Activated”. Whether or not those right depends on whether you system is armed away or whether your motion detector has been activated recently. Which one is wrong?

Well, my system was Armed Away, for several hours. I wasn’t sure if the hallway motion sensor should say “activated”. It usually says that when I walk in front of it and the alarm is off.

I guess I’m just wondering why / how the system can be armed and not going off if a motion sensor is “activated”. Or can activated mean something else that I’m not aware of?

The motion detector status you see on is based on the activity monitoring feature.

These topics might help…

Ahh, ok. Thanks Ryan.

I guess that makes sense. The PIR was activated just a few minutes or even less before armed status. Since it takes longer than a few minutes (in the case of a PIR) to notify ADC of the activation being over with, it will probably always say “active” in my case.

I have the PIR mounted in a hallway I must go down to hit the exit.

Thanks for the help. I though either something was wrong with the PIR or that I programmed it in wrong.