Is there a tech phone number

Is there a technical support phone number?

No, Surety tech support is performed online. This is our dedicated support website, which is the best place to address questions. You can post publicly here or send private messages to our team if you need to relay sensitive info. Experienced technicians directly respond.

Im having trouble Transferring my Monitoring I get an error message about the I am EI number being linked to another column which would be correct because I’m switching from Brinks Sisters paid for how do I fix this

An IMEI can only be assigned to one account at a time. If your panel is currently connected to an account through another service provider, your current account must be cancelled before normal activation can be completed on our website.

because I’m switching from Brinks

There is an alternate transfer option, which is a different process, but that is not often used and whether or not it can be done completely depends on the alarm company controlling the current account, as they must agree to and perform steps for the transfer. I have never heard of that company agreeing to a transfer.

Cancellation of the current account must be completed before activation can occur.