Is the system upgradable?

I’ve had an ADT system for more than ten years, but was just about to buy a “back-up” SimpliSafe system when I learned about your company. I like the idea of your system because I’d like to add the video cams and other more sophisticated equipment so I could get rid of ADT eventually.

Right now I’d prefer to start with just a few door and window sensors and NO motion detectors, since my house is full of ADT motion detectors that I’ve had to turn off due to too many false alarms. Can I start out with the Basic Interactive and upgrade later to the Gold at the time I add the additional equipment? And before any of that, how can I check that cellular reception works where I live?

Lastly, if I order as soon as I hear back from you, how soon would I receive the equipment?

Yes, you can definitely start with a small number of sensors and Basic Interactive.

Because we offer our service Month-to-Month, you can upgrade your system at anytime without worrying about being stuck in a contract that doesn’t let you. It can grow as needed.

You can check to see what your cell coverage is with our easy to use coverage checker found here. It’s just below the video.

Once you have placed your order, our equipment usually ships out via UPS Ground (faster shipping can be requested) from Columbus, OH one business day after the order has been placed.