Is equipment programming for an already working security system?

Is equipment programming required for an already working (up and running) security system?

I plan in switching to Surety later this summer and need to know what it will take to transfer an already working security system (end to end). I know I need to supply the serial number for the cellular module when signing up. Once I sign up, will everything work like just before? I know I need to set up the alerts and rules but other than that will
everything work end to end as it did before with the previous monitoring services once I sign up with Surety? What can I expect?

Four Eyed Lady

Looks like this is related to this question here. Happy to help! In short, local programming will not be affected.

Signing up will result in a new account, so all rules and notifications etc., will need to be recreated (as you mentioned).

There is no necessary programming locally if you are already using ADC and switching to us. Your module communication ID number is what links your panel to the back end services, and local sensor and automation device programming will simply be uploaded to your new ADC account automatically once you have completed the connection to service. Our site will walk you through this process when you purchase service.

If you have any peripherals that do not communicate with the panel, such as video cameras, Liftmaster garage, etc., those would need to be re-added manually to your account.

Hi Jason,

With my current alarm system, I have <strong>peripherals</strong> that <strong>do communicate with the panel</strong>, such as video cameras (four of them) as well as a DVR recorder.  Will these devices be <strong>seem-lessly integrated</strong> since they already work with my current end-to-end ?

FourEyedLady compatible cameras (and SVR) would be compatible. The devices would need to be paired with the new account once the account has been set up and the appropriate video add on(s) have been enabled.

There are walkthroughs for most of the compatible cameras during the pairing process in the ADC website but we can assist as well.

Hi Tyler,

<sigh> ???
At least I know Surety is behind me here. This helps me feel more confident doing this.

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I can not seem to add my compatible ADC-SVR122 to my new Surety account. No where to add this on my account. Where do I add the SVR? How do I pair it with my 3 cameras already configured?


Use of a Streaming Video Recorder like the SVR-122 requires the SVR add on enabled on your account. This add on is an additional $3.00 /mo per SVR in use.

Records indicate that this is not currently enabled on your account. If you would like to add this feature, please reach out to our customer service team at and they will follow up with further instructions.

Once the SVR add on has been enabled, SVRs can bee added to your account through the Video tab of your account.