Irrigation malfunction

In my rachio app everything bworks fine and not says connected. My irrigation system is watering fine in schedules

However in my ADC app it says irrigation malfunction. It has been this way for days. How do I resolve?

Correction. In my rachio app it should read that it says connected all the time

Looked like an older status date on that device. Just requested current info and looks like that malfunction is gone.

You may need to refresh the app. Is the alert gone?

Yes. Thanks

I’m also seeing the same problem on my ADC app. Is there something that I can do on my end to resolve this problem?

A power cycle of your Rachio may resolve that, but I have requested updated status and it went away it appears. Again, looks like it was an old status. May just be a bug where ADC is not getting updates after a malfunction. We’ll forward to ADC.

I’m having the same issue. Any update on the fix?

I’ve requested an updated status and it looks to have cleared. Can you refresh and confirm?

No word on the resolution to the underlying cause. I believe the Rachio units are simply failing to update malfunction restorals in some cases. This shouldn’t affect functionality.

That fixed it. Thanks!