IRIS sprinkler timer

I purchased the iris sprinkler today thinking it would work like every other iris product that I have bough… but… no luck. Is there a product similar to this that does work with

I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but this thread has some useful information concerning creating a Z-wave controlled lawn irrigation system.

What happened when you tried to learn it in? Did the panel respond at all? I’ve heard that some of them will learn in as a light switch allowing you to schedule them to turn on and off but I haven’t used one.

Nothing… Panel didn’t seem to even see it.

I did some googling on that device and it appears to be ZigBee, not Z-Wave. No word on which irrigation devices will work with but I believe this one can be used as a light switch is learned in irrigation mode. I’ve never tried it though so can’t guarantee.