Iqsys 2+ 345 range for CO/Fire

Does anyone know what the range of an iqsys 2+ is when connecting to wireless Honeywell heat, heat/smoke, or CO detectors?

In my case, the range was about 100 feet on the same level, but only 50’ when going between floors (we have a lot of concrete and steel between floors). We had to add a repeater, which works extremely well.

If you have simple wood frame construction, you can problem cover a reasonably large area, especially if your panel is centrally located.

Provided that you route the legacy sensor antenna out the back of the panel into the wall using the antenna hole in the back-plate, range will be comparable to other 345 Mhz systems. Each sensor manual will have an upper end range printed.

Range numbers in the sensor manuals are based on open-air transmission. Real world application will see more obstacles and attenuation. You’ll get shorter range with stone/concrete than with wooden studs and drywall.

I plan to use the panel on a table stand - do you need to have the various antennas loose out on the table? Does this apply for the Z-Wave and Power G antennas as well?

The legacy sensor radio antenna must be routed out the back still, the rest of the radios use an internal antenna.