IQPanel4 won’t pass a cell test

I have everything setup that I believe should be set up. But when i attempted to log into I get a email that my panel hasn’t communicated with and it doesn’t let me sign in. I factory defaulted the panel once but it didn’t do anything. Then i called the central station to see if they were getting any signals. They weren’t receiving anything but there’s no troubles on my IQPanel4 at all besides it won’t pass a cell test.

The login limitation is normal if the panel hasn’t communicated yet. I do not see any response from the panel in your history to anything sent through ADC. There have been no successful cell tests.

The first thing to do when this is occurring is to power down the system, leave it off for about 20 minutes. This will force address a few potential causes of cellular connectivity issues.

After 20 minutes power up the panel, let it boot up and wait a couple minutes, then run a couple cell tests. Any change?

If not, can you confirm the firmware version which displays in your Settings About page?

Are you able to connect to wifi? A firmware update may be needed for a next troubleshooting step. Some firmware versions have a known rare issue which can cause an issue with the cell connection. This would be resolved by updating firmware.

Leaving it off didn’t help anything the firmware is 4.4.1 and yes I can connect it to wifi

Next, update the panel to the latest firmware, 4.5.0. Instructions are listed in the link below, including the necessary patch tag.

It’s on 4.5.0 now but still won’t pass a cell test I rebooted it 3 times too.

Hmm, some of the account data on this IMEI is odd. So that we can best assist, can you please confirm the exact model number of this panel?

Can you provide a photo of the hardware section of the about page?

How do I fix it?

Checking a few things on this end.

Has this panel been used with another account before or is this a brand new panel?

Are sensors and/or Z-Wave devices programmed to it?

The next step would be to do the following:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced Settings > Wi-Fi
  2. Forget the network, then Disable Wi-Fi.
  3. Reboot panel (Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot)
  4. After reboot, wait 5 minutes, re-run cell test. Any Change?

It didn’t work and yes there are door sensors programmed it has never been used with previously

I put in a cancellation request request for tomorrow. It wouldn’t let me do it for today. Can you cancel it now?

At this point Qolsys recommends a Master Reset. To do so navigate to:

Settings > Advanced Settings > Enter Dealer Code (default 2222) Installation > Dealer Settings > Master Reset

This will remove all sensors and Z-Wave devices from programming. Firmware will remain updated.

I’ve tried that

Cancel my account

If that has been done after firmware update, panel is likely experiencing hardware failure. You may need to reach out to the vendor it was purchased from for replacement.

Ive gotten the account scheduled for cancellation today, 7/2. Accounts are cancelled by the end of the day.