IQPanel - Garage door sensor keeps opening / closing


We have a iqpanel 2 and the garage door keeps saying it is opening and closing continuously in the middle of the night. Last night it must have happened at least 20 times.

This has happened several other times but not to this extent. The garage door does not physically open. It almost always happens when we have the alarm set to home stay but I believe it’s happened even without it set. We just checked the box next to that sensor and turned the volume all the way down, I don’t think this a good solution however.

I updated the panel in the last week and it didn’t help at all. There’s no wind or vibrations out of the ordinary and this didn’t happen the first 6 months we moved in but now is happening every few days.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Some questions about the sensor?

  • Is this mounted on a roll up garage door, or a entry door?
  • What type of sensor are you referencing, a DW contact or a tilt sensor?
  • Is the magnet mounted next to the sensor, on the side of the sensor with the arrow/hashmark?

If this is a DW contact mounted on a roll up garage door, slight movements in the door (wind, vibrations, etc) can cause the magnet to move far enough away from the sensor to trigger.


Thanks for the reply.

  • Is this mounted on a roll up garage door, or a entry door?
    • Actual garage door, not entry into house
  • What type of sensor are you referencing, a DW contact or a tilt sensor?
    • I can’t seem to find any sensors on the garage door like I see throughout the house or any sensor for that matter near the door
  • Is the magnet mounted next to the sensor, on the side of the sensor with the arrow/hashmark?
    • As mentioned previously, I don’t seem to see any sensor

I apologize but I don’t know the answers to all of these questions. I have added some images here and hopefully you’ll be able to point me in the right direction for further investigation.

Hope that helps some!


Panel programming indicates you have a 319.5Mhz wireless sensor (Qolsys brand most likely) sensor labeled Garage Door programmed as sensor 2.

As a test, If you open the garage door (rollup) does the sensor in question trigger an open/close status on the panel?

If there is a RF sensor mounted on the rollup door, it would be on the side of the door, not the center, can you provide photos of that?

The Linear Go!Control Garage Opener in the picture is a Z-Wave device that allows for remote control of the garage, it will also have a matching black tilt sensor mounted on the door to track open/close status. You may have two separate sensors on the garage door.


Thanks for the response. Things for busy and it stopped happening. Last night it went off at 4:30am and said that there was tampering on the garage door. No one was there, etc.

This is a potential sensor, I don’t see other sensors on the door except the typical lower sensors that are a part of all doors:

Left sensor (shows red):

Right sensor (shows green)

The app does show the garage opens / closes when you trigger it to do so.


The device at the top of the door is a wired sensor and magnet. That is likely it, but you would also have either a wireless sensor nearby connected to the other end of the wire to act as a transmitter, or it is wired to a Hardwired to Wireless translator box somewhere.

Can you provide a photo of the other end of that cable coming off the sensor?

Usually those wired garage door sensors like at the top of your door have a wide magnetic gap, but I can’t tell how far away the magnet and sensor are from that image.

If the door does not close fully or if heavy wind pushes on the door and the upper panel can move a bit false open events might occur.

The problem may also or instead be at the transmitter end so a photo of that device and the wiring would be needed.


I had someone come out today and look at it. They couldn’t really find anything wrong with it.

They did the following to see if it helped:

  1. Replace the wires and contact at the magnet and sensor and the contacts
  2. Replaced the wires and contacts at the translator box which is hard wired from that last picture all the way to a closet
  3. Moved the sensor to another region (wasn’t sure what this meant)
  4. The magnet was almost touching / or rubbing slightly on the sensor - he gave it a small gap instead
  5. Re-added sensor to panel

I’m hopeful that will help, but only time will tell.

Let me know if you need any additional info.

Also, is it not possible to use the garage door zwave device (that we open / close the garage with through the panel) to act as a sensor? It worked (opened / closed garage and said it was open) even when this magnet sensor was not setup but of course didn’t trigger the alarm.

No, the Z-wave garage controller door status cannot be used as an alarm sensor. It can be used for notifications but it will not act as an alarm trigger.

Yeah I didn’t think so.

Well it seems to be worse now. It didn’t set the alarm off however.

For most the time he was here it didn’t report tampering. Then he started changing the garage door switch that opens the garage right when you walk out the door because it was broken (mostly pushed in - but wouldn’t open or close).

From that time on I noticed it said garage door tamper every single time we opened or closed the garage door. Then a few minutes after I set the alarm it reported garage door closed when it wasn’t open.

I’m strongly considering just removing the garage door sensor.


One concern here with troubleshooting is that you have the Z-wave garage door and the garage alarm sensor both with the same name, Garage Door. notifications may be referring to the Z-wave device at times instead of the alarm sensor. Just to be 100% certain when issues are reported, I would recommend altering one of the names in

Adjusting the wall control button for the door is not going to have an effect on the alarm sensor, that would be coincidental, but it can have an effect on the Z-wave controller also connected to the overhead.


I’ve gone forward with renaming the Z-wave device.

I’m verifying now that still every time the garage door is opening it is showing tampering on the garage door.

The log shows:

8:04am - Garage Door Tamper
8:04am - Garage Door - ZWave Opened
8:06am - Garage Door End of Tamper
8:06am - Garage Door - ZWave closed

I can also confirm that the ‘Garage Door Tamper’ is what set off the alarm at 3:38am on March, 7.

Can you provide a photo of the inside of that wireless sensor that the garage wired sensor is connected to?

It is wired here:

Can you confirm which zone terminal it is connected to and provide a closeup of that zone wiring? Double check by giving a little tug on the wires to make sure it is not loose.

Hello, I’m not actually sure how to know which wire is which. He said he switched it do a different one so the one written down (2) is no longer accurate I don’t believe.

Based on programming it appears to be using zone terminal 1. Try testing that zone terminal by removing a wire, does that open the zone?

Check wiring to be sure there is nothing loose. Also be sure that the wire sheath on the individual conductors aren’t accidentally cut or scraped down to bare wire, as that can cause a short on the circuit if the resistor or two wires connect, which would show a tamper.