Iqpanel 2+ weather

Just activate my panel few hours ago and I can’t get my weather to display in my left top corner of the screen. Any idea why ? Or dose it take few hours to populate ?

Woke up today and No weather is transmitted to the panel, nothing change overnight. Support staff please check my account. Weather was part of complete package. Thank you

Weather forecast data on the panel is sent to the system once per day by After activating it will take up to 24 hours to populate for the first time.

I’ve manually triggered yours so you should see it within about 10 minutes.

Thank you Jason, I will check when I get home. Also can you look over my account and make sure everything is set correctly and we are good to go. Thank you

Account details along with sensor settings look how they should be. Pings to your system are successful and sensor status is reporting to history. Your panel is indeed connected and communicating with

Thank you Tyler