IQ4 beeping every hour

I have a master bedroom panic button. My IQ4 beeps every hour since it reported low battery at 4:37 am. At every 37 after the hour

My security system screen shows an error for panic alarm (but not master bedroom panic alarm) and won’t clear despite me putting in fresh batteries

No messages or alerts on iq4 panel settings

No error messages on ADC Home Screen but only on System Screen

The Master Bedroom Panic Button low battery condition was resolved according to panel reports to ADC. I’m not seeing any active trouble alerts.

Do you have any unacknowledged alerts on the panel?

Panel stopped beeping, thanks.

Wonder why it took so long to clear an alert.

The alert in your ADC history was cleared after a couple hours. It reported as cleared prior to the original message here it looks like. It may have been unacknowledged on the panel.