Iq4 and Zwave switch and timers


I’m trying to get a wireless Zwave switch (Zooz ZEN34) working with the iq4 so that it turns on a switch (Zooz ZEN15). How do I associate the two in the iq4? When I go to the installer screen (2222) there are no options to make associations.

Second, it would be nice if I could make it shut off the switch after a set amount of time, but my primary need is just to get a remote switch working.

What am I doing wrong?


Neither of those switch models are explicitly supported, so it is possible you may have issues, but device association is possible.

If the Zen34 you are referencing is a aux switch that is meant for a virtual 3-way switch setup, you can find association options by the following steps:

Navigate to Settings > Advanced Settings > enter installer code > Installation > Devices > Z-wave Devices > View/Edit Associations.

Set a basic association for each of those switches to contain the other. There is no configurable timer.

It works quite well. The association didn’t associate until I held the “on” button on the remote while hitting save on the basic association screen. I believe the remote goes is asleep unless I press the button, and so it won’t associate unless I hold it. I hope this post can help somebody else. Thanks for your help!

It’s a shame about the timer. Seems like a very basic action that they don’t support.