IQ2+ with GE 60-742-95R Freeze - false alarms

Recently switched to IQ2+ from a Concord 4 system with legacy GE/Interlogix sensors. IQ2+ panel keeps alarming for a freeze event with the two GE 60-742-95R sensors. Both sensors go off at the same time, which makes me think it’s a grouping or supervisory signal mistake?

Advice welcome.

That model number is not listed in the officially compatible sensor list I am looking at currently. That doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work, but it means it is not tested and confirmed by Qolsys as compatible.

You are right though, if they go off at the same time I would first think supervisory issues.

How do you currently have those programmed?

If these are legacy sensors, how long has it been since their batteries were replaced?

As Freeze Sensor - 52 group. Fresh batteries.
They go off on their own, exact same time each time.

If you program them as a Door/Window instead on group 25 (Local Safety) do they both activate at the same time still? This would not generate an alarm, just a notification.