IQ2 Siren volume

I’m debating whether to use an IQ2 as a secondary siren, or use the RE116U. Does anyone have any experience with both of these? Is the IQ2 siren volume anywhere close to as loud as the RE116U?

There is no datasheet available for the IQ2 yet, but I would say given it is built from a 7 inch tablet foundation, you will get a higher DB rating from the RE116U.

The IQ2 would also be a comparatively expensive option to be used primarily as a remote sounder.

I suppose I was trying to justify the cost of the IQ2 by thinking I could kill two birds since I need a secondary siren anyway. If money were no object I would get an IQ2 and a dedicated siren.

If you need a dedicated sounder, I would recommend using the RE116U. If you are just covering a small area, the IQ2 should suffice

Jason, do you know of anyone using an RE116U wireless siren in an attic area with success so that neighbors could here alarm sounding? This siren says in the description that it “automatically follows panel beep volume”. What does this mean? I do not want every beep and chime on my main Qolsys panel to also be chirping in my attic. Lol.

That’s a good question. The RE116U can differentiate status tones on certain panel bell outputs and lower the volume. In other circumstances like 2GIG, you can program the output used to follow only alarm activation, only fire alarm activation, etc., and not have the wireless siren produce status beeps.

With Qolsys I am not sure off the top of my head which of these would provide the best result for you. I will do some testing and get back.

Apparently Qolsys is about to launch a new siren that communicates directly with the IQ Panel. Just in case anyone else might be interested in a secondary siren. Jason can you check and see when this might be available?

There is no current ETA, unfortunately. It looks like official documentation is not yet posted for this device. We will be actively following up to determine availability.