IQ2 Secondary panel photo frame ability

Has anyone attempted to load photos onto the IQ2? In playing around with the settings, there is a photo frame option if you swipe down from top right of the screen and click settings/display. However, it says “no photos found”. I noticed there appears to be a small slot on the side for maybe a Micro SD card? Just curious. I did figure out how to make it display live wallpaper. Mine did not come with ANY instructions at all whatsoever. Nor could I find any online.

Documentation for the IQ2 is very poor. It was released very quickly once it became clear that a secondary panel was necessary to match competitor’s product offerings. (I’m sure a number of dealers pushed very hard for its release)

I’ve forwarded this to Qolsys.

And definitive answer: Photo Frame additions via SD not available on IQ2…yet.

Future updates will add the capability.

Thanks Jason. Yet another reason why ‘over the air updates in the future’ weighed heavily in my decision to purchase the Qolsys system.

My pleasure. And yes, it can be frustrating when product releases have missing functionality for features, but unfortunately that’s how pretty much every electronics industry works. Qolsys has made good on update expectations quickly though so far, quicker than I anticipated. A lot of continuing improvements make for a great product.

[Qolsys] 'over the air updates in the future’

Most of the better systems have this capability. The one downside I see for Qolsys is that the cell module is integrated and not user upgradeable like 2GIG. Curious to see how this plays out in the next 3-4 years or so (especially for Verizon module users).

You can follow that discussion here:

I do not think you are speaking to a security industry issue so much as a communications electronics issue.

I’m definitely a proponent of the modular communicator of the 2GIG panel. It is very forward thinking. In the grand scheme of the market I think there was some avoidable backlash. For example, older modules had weak antenna connectors and could snap in the field rather easily. Completely replacing the product in distribution is not an inexpensive fix.

Whatever Qolsys’ reason for an integrated module, Ryan said it best.

Qolsys is betting that you will want a newer, more advanced home automation control panel by then.

To put it in perspective, the smartphone sitting next to me right now is $500+ retail. In a year and a half I’ll probably be holding a new one. 6 years use out of most consumer electronics is a standard benchmark, and inevitably new features and new technology will be available (and desired).

i think 6 years (middle of 2021) is an overly generous estimate personally…If I were a Vivint CDMA user, I would plan for like 4- 4 1/2 years (according to Verizon’s own “hopes”).

The company doesn’t have a timeline for refarming all its PCS spectrum to LTE, but it said it expects to operate its CDMA EVDO network (in the PCS band) through Dec 31, 2019. Haberman said moving into 2020 and beyond, it is possible Verizon will sell LTE-only devices

You guys are basing this CDMA M2M sunset on guesses, conjecture and vague assurances. Many did the same with 2G GSM a few years ago thinking it would extend to 2019 or further. its gone for AT&T next year, and TMO I dont even think will have any 2G/EDGE service left come their “official” 2019 sunset date (do to aggressive refarming).

For some its will be even sooner, I live in an area that Verizon (and Tmobile) recently refarmed/upgraded, there is no Verizon CDMA here, TMO killed off its 2G/EDGE. As Verizon upgrades a CDMA/EVDO area to VoLTE/LTE/XLTE, the modules will encounter connectivity issues and try to roam. Didn’t this happen not long ago in New York? (all the Verizon CDMA M2M panel modules just stopped working)

i bet there are more than a few users that expect their alarm system investment to last more than 3-4 years before it has to be completely replaced and reprogrammed simply because the cell module is integrated and not upgradable.

Sigh. This diatribe is getting old. Don’t you have something better to do, like railing on Resolution products garage tilt sensors or something, already?

Sigh. This diatribe is getting old

There is no forceful, or bitter verbal attack. This is an open discussion as far as I know where one discusses the merits, points, or opinions put forth in the forum topic.

In any event, this is what Verizon’s VP’s are giving as a M2M sunset date. It’s not my personal opinion (contrary to popular belief). Perhaps you meant another word instead of “diatribe”?


Yeah but come on, give it a rest already. This thread has nothing to do with the subject of CDMA sunsetting. You’ve posted the same line of discussion in multiple threads already.

I understand it’s a concern of yours but I also get that it doesn’t really affect you either. If it’s that big of a deal, why not start a thread on the subject and confine the discussion there?

I asked about it, received an answer, and moved on. At this point it seems counterproductive to keep bringing it up over and over, no?

Yeah but come on, give it a rest already. This thread has nothing to do with the subject of CDMA sunsetting

The discussion turned to being about the “future over the air updates”, and how most panels had that capability, but that unlike most panels this one didn’t have the ability to update the cellular module. Then there was a link to that discussion in regards to its potential longevity.

Jason then elaborated on the integrated cellular module, and how it was assumed most would simply replace the panel in 6yrs.

6 years use out of most consumer electronics is a standard benchmark, and inevitably new features and new technology will be available (and desired).

To which I responded that 6yrs was overgenerous, and unlikely and that they were basing that on inaccurate data.

Again, it’s a discussion, and there was no bitter or forceful verbal attack as you implied.

But you are right, all of this is off topic, so lets return to an on topic discussion. :wink:

Yes. Agree.