IQ2 panel Anker Bluetooth

Hello , I was wondering if the Anker Bluetooth speaker model a3106 could be used in place of 3102 for 2 way voice on Qolsys IQ 2 panel?

Currently, the a3102 from Anker is the only one compatible at this time. We would not have an ETA on if/when other models would be compatible for that application.

Can I use the Anker 3012 with the remote panel for the Iq Panel 2+? Or only with the main panel?

I believe that functionality is only with the main panel at this time.

Hello , I was wondering if u were able to determine if 2 way voice will work simultaneously with panel and anker speaker? Currently if an anker speaker is active all voice announcements generate through anker speaker only, so thus does the panel microphones as well as the anker Mic work during 2 way voice session? Ideally it would be great if they did as it would provide better coverage i.e. a large multiple level home where panel placement may hinder sound during session

Yes, Qolsys states that Two Way Voice does not use the Anker mic.

The Anker only functions as Speaker augmentation.

Only the Mic on the main panel is used for two way voice.

Is there any instructions on how to pair the speaker with my piano? When I try to do it myself, it only seems to find my phones and not the speaker. And I know the speaker is in here mode because my phone picks up the speaker

When pairing an Anker A3108 or A3109 speaker to the IQ Panel 2, navigate to the following:

  • Add Speaker
  • Initiate Bluetooth pairing from the speaker.
  • Touch the correct device from the list on the panel to
    begin the pairing process
  • Once paired, a pop up showing “Bluetooth Device
    Added Successfully” will appear. Touch “OK” to

You may need to bring the speaker closer to the panel initially during the pairing process.