IQ2 Keypad

Here is the new secondary keypad for the Qolsys panel-- its a 7inch Android Tablet

I don’t think that counts…anyone can take a cheap $50 7" tablet, install a fullscreen apk, and call it a “secondary” panel… And sell it for $150 to some credulous noob.

Its kinda cheap, a bit of a rip off, and getto though.

announcing The “new” dual path cellular/wifi DIY secondary 7" touchscreen panel with camera and image viewing capability. (Free cellular connectivity powered by TMO). Compatible with both Qolsys and 2GIG systems.

Secondary 7" panel:


Free cellular:


I’ve been told this is actually a stop-gap solution for dealers for installations where a secondary keypad is desired. (I would agree that this is not a flattering solution)

I know that Qolsys is building a custom model of secondary keypad due out later this year.

I disagree. Using an Android tablet is much smarter and better for the consumer than manufacturing a “special” secondary touch screen like the 2GIG TS1. The off-the-shelf Android tablet gets you better hardware for a lower price. Ideally the “secondary” touch panel would just be a free app you could install on any Android tablet. A Qolsys app has the potential to be more powerful than just running the app because it can communicate with the panel directly over the local network and do things like entry delay countdown. That enables a lot of stuff the app can’t do.

If Qolsys just tries to sell off-the-shelf Android tablets at a big mark-up then I would agree, that’s weak. But if they’re giving you the freedom to use any tablet you want as a secondary touch screen via an app then that’s fantastic.

What I dont like so far is that there is no mounting option, people want to cover the hole in the wall with a keypad. The power supply is short and its 5V. I personally dont care about secondary keypads because I use my phone or tablet but I get alot of customers who want them so they can cover the hole from the previously installed keypad on the wall

The 5V power supply probably is an issue for voltage drop and wall mounting. But aren’t there 3rd party Android tablet wall mounting kits?

will have to research that