IQ2 dual path test

Should the dual path test attempt to connect via wifi and cellular? I only see that wifi passes the test.
The wifi only test passes fine, and the cellular only test passes but shouldn’t I see a wifi and cell pass indication of I try the dual path test? Perhaps it actually tests which pathway connects faster? Aka my wifi strength is excellent and reaches central station faster than wifi, therefore cellular doesn’t even attempt to connect?

On that screen when they say dual path they just mean wifi. The test right above that one is the cellular test. Dual path is just a confusingly named test. The probably should have called it wifi signaling test.

Wonder why they’d have a wifi test and a dual path test if the dual path test is really only a wifi test?

Wifi test is a wifi connectivity/speed test to the internet. Dual path test is testing sending alarm signals to center via wifi.

Ah. Your explanation makes sense. Qolsys naming convention makes zero sense. Thanks for the clarification.

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