IQ2 current software version??

My main panel is 1.4.3, and my IQ2 is 1.2. I have the main panel set to automatically update the IQ2 software when one is available. When I try to update the software through the IQ2, I get a failed message saying a control file isn’t available. When I try to update through the main panel, it asks me for a patch tag. It has been this way since I bought the IQ2 several months ago.

What is the current SW version for the IQ2?

Another member here posted the following in another thread, so I’m thinking mine isn’t getting updated. "The IQ2 with the most recent update mimics the main IQ , you can arm/disarm, and do all z wave functions as well. The siren and chime will also mimic the main panel or you can change them to act on their own ( eg no chime on a keypad near your bedroom) "

Mine doesn’t do anything except for arm/disarm. It would be nice to have these other features!

Thanks for the help!

Latest IQ2 firmware will be 1.4. I believe you need to initiate the 1.2-1.4 OTA via patch tag.

“Settings” - Installer Code - “Installation” - “Upgrade Software” - “Patch Tag”

Enter “remote14”

Select “Upgrade IQ2 Using Network”

That did it! Thanks!!