IQ2+ 2nd alert speaker

IQ2+ here, works great, but I can’t hear it in my bedroom. I’d like to extend the panel annunciations into my bedroom (Door open, etc). I know I can extend a siren, but I’d like the annunciations too without silencing the main panel. I’ve read a number of questions on this same topic that discuss Anker BT speakers but those sound like they were old topics and I’m hoping there’s something new that might address this. A second panel maybe? My alarm company says they’ve not had good luck with those. Thanks

BTW, I see the 2nd IQ remote panel, reviews are poor but it looks like it would do what I want - hoping they got the product to work better?

You’re looking for the IQ Remote. If you want a second spot to duplicate the same voice announcements and alarms, the IQ Remote is what you should use.

The majority of complaints about the IQ Remote are networking related and resolvable. I can’t speak to the experience of another installer, but generally you can just avoid the issues presented by some home network devices/routers by using access point mode on the panel and connecting the IQ Remote directly to it.