IQ smoke offline

I just received an ADC alert/notification saying my IQ smoke detector has gone offline. The detector is a new unit that was installed about a week ago.
What might cause a malfunction or for it to go offline? Not sure if there is an issue with the smoke detector or if it is a range issue (although the smoke and main IQ2 panel are fairly close to each other).

Offline is referring to sensor supervision, so the heartbeat signal from that sensor to your panel failed.

Generally this is due to one of the following:

  1. Range
  2. Low Battery
  3. Environmental Interference

In some cases unique conditions apply. In the case of the IQ Smoke a loss of supervision error will also occur if the detector element is dirty or when it experiences a general internal fault.

The LED will flash in a specific timing which lets you know if one of these is the case.

If the LED blinks yellow once every 4 seconds, it is a general fault in the device. If the LED blinks yellow once every 8 seconds, this indicates the detector is dirty. Do either of these apply?

The smoke came back online after about 90min without any intervention from me. Unfortunately I wasn’t home during the offline period so I wasn’t able to look at the LEDs.
The panel reports a good (-76) signal and “perfect” in the packets column.
It’s also a new unit, so I would t expect it to be dirty but I suppose anything is possible.
I guess I’ll keep an eye on it.

Addendum- I went and looked at the signal graph on the panel and saw that indeed the signal dipped very low right at the time the smoke went offline.
Any ideas why the signal would randomly drop and then come back up?!

319.5 rf signals are all one way, from the sensor to the panel. The graph is showing the strength of individual signals.

A drop on a single signal is more likely temporary interference or environmental attenuation, or perhaps the sensor radio got a large number of signals hitting it then. I haven’t seen it on Qolsys yet but on 2GIG it is pretty easy to replicate an issue where supervision loss is due to just the sheer number of wireless sensors (usually more than 50).

Good to know. I have a relatively large number of sensors, but they are almost exclusively PowerG. The only 319 sensors are the S line keyfob and the smoke.

Sorry to pull this from the archives, but I started seeing this same issue. I have a Qolsys smoke detector that keeps going “offline” and returns with no interaction.

If this is a low battery issue, shouldn’t the sensor have at least sent 1 notification to the panel for low battery? Shouldn’t there be a single indicator that the battery is low, such as the detector beeping like any other smoke detector does for low battery?

The smoke detector is located ~50’ from the panel, hasn’t had any issues until after updating my IQ2+ to 2.5.3 firmware…though that could be entirely coincidental.

There is a threshold for reporting low battery and often if the signal is borderline already you might see impact to supervision signals before a low battery would be reported, but it is still a result of lower battery levels. We’ve seen this often with many sensors, usually in conjunction with a range issue or metal/brick attenuation.

Especially if the detector has been operating for a couple years or so, I would try battery replacement first if the issue is with a single sensor.