IQ secondary panel no longer following quiet hour rules

Hi, I have an IQ 4 with a secondary panel. As the secondary panel is in a bedroom, I set the quiet hours on the panel to turn off the screen and all sound between the hours of 11pm and 8am. It worked fine until recently - it still follows the hours and shuts off the screen, but it now seems to ignore the rules for sound. It now announces arming and disarming during those quiet hours, despite the fact that all sound is selected as off.

Is this a software update that broke the quiet hours rules, or is it something else? Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? Either way, I need a fix because having it announce during those hours is going to be a problem.

Thank you!

Looking at your system, it appears that only Display is selected for your nighttime mode settings.

Double check those settings on your panel under Photo Frame > Photo Frame Settings.

Under Nighttime Mode Settings what is selected?

You are correct…on the main panel, only display is selected to be off for nighttime hours.

But the secondary panel upstairs has all three selected to be off during nighttime:

Does the secondary panel not use local settings for nighttime quiet settings? It used to work in this current configuration.


Can you try editing those voices and chimes, unchecking them and hitting ok, then wait a few minutes and turn them back on. Any change?

If no change, if you update the firmware to the latest version below do you see the same issue after trying to edit the setting again?

Deselecting and then reselecting didn’t make any change. I am updating the panel now and will report back.

Do I need to run the update on the secondary panel as well? Or just run update on the main IQ4?

Ok, the software update seems to have fixed the silent issue on the secondary panel. Thanks so much!!

And it’s nice that they added silent arm, but I really wish there was a silent disarm without having to use a scene. One thing I miss from my previous 2Gig was that when you disarm from stay mode, it is silent. On the Qolsys, it basically goes into exit mode when you disarm from Stay mode and it counts down…that really doesn’t make much sense. Any word if that is going to be fixed in future updates?


Qolsys does not typically announce feature changes prior to them being implemented via firmware. Patch notes are the best way to stay informed with what is available.