IQ Remote Secondary Panel powering down

I purchased an IQ Remote Secondary Panel on 4/1/22 and installed it a week later. After about two weeks I received a notice that the remote panel had lost power, and a few hours later it powered down. I attempted to power it back on a few days later, but the screen would only flash the battery symbol and power off.

I removed it from the wall and plugged in the original power supply and cable. After a few tries I was able to power it up and it seems to be working normally.

For the wall installation I used the included power supply (SW-070100A) and the existing wiring (I replaced an old Bosch keypad). The wiring is 20 gauge and the run is about 25 feet.

Do you think I should try a 2 amp power supply for the wall installation? Or maybe I should pull better cable?



Do not use an alternate power supply, but adjustment to the cable may be needed. If it is cable for an old keypad, typically there will be more conductors. If you double up that cabling so you use two conductors for + and two for - you’re probably ok at that distance.

I’ll give that a try, thanks.