IQ Remote Panel touch issue

I have just moved my remote panel into the master bedroom and noticed an issue with the touch sensitivity. It doesn’t seem to respond to touch at the bottom of the display, roughly the bottom 1/2". I did notice this when setting up the panel when entering WiFi passwords. The soft-key to change the keyboard to numeric input didn’t seem to work. I was so focused on the WiFi issues at the time, I kind of ignored it. But now I find that in use it is a bigger issue. Is there some sort of touch calibration that can be performed. Or is the unit defective?

From the home screen are you able to interact with the scenes or emergency buttons? (bottom left and right)

If not, press and hold the side power button. A window will pop up asking if you want to power down or reboot. Choose reboot. After it boots back up try the buttons at the bottom again. Any change?

Both before and after the reboot, nothing responds to touch at the bottom of the screen. Works ok everywhere else. I believe that this condition has existed since I received the unit. I haven’t used it much before now except for troubleshooting some WiFi issues. When entering the WiFi password I wasn’t able to change the keyboard to numeric input.

Alright there is no calibration that I am aware of that would resolve that issue, but have you tried a Master Reset from the settings menu? I would try that first, if it doesn’t work, it sounds like this is going to need to be a warranty replacement. It looks like this was recently purchased, if so you can go into your Surety Order History and request a warranty on that item in your order.

I did a master reset and there was no change in the behavior. None of the buttons on the bottom of the screen are responsive. I will initiate the warranty replacement.