Iq remote not updating daylight savings time

My iq remote has not updated for the time change like the main panel has. I have tried rebooting it with no success. Any ideas?

They typically update at the same time, so long as the IQ Remote is successfully connected to the main panel.

I have sent commands to push the time. Should take about 5 minutes to process. Let me know if that worked or not.

The time is correct on main panel but still an hour behind on iq remote

How long has this been occurring?

Did you notice it in relation to the recent DST switch? Or was it correct for a while after that?

I didn’t notice it prior to the switch over the weekend… interestingly it is an hour behind… if it just hadn’t switched it would be an hour forward since we fell back

I am curious if the base android software on the IQ Remote might have DST settings enabled somehow and it doubled up on the roll-back. Just a hunch, not sure how else those two could be out of sync since the time details are a single value sent via ADC.

Have you tried performing a master reset on the IQ Remote and reconnecting it to the IQ Panel?

I did a master reset and it still shows an hour behind… must be some kind of bug with qolseys… can you notify them so maybe they can fix before 2.4.2 released… the only reason I even noticed is because I have my screen set to dim at certain times and now dims an hour later… my remote is the 9104 model revision h for reference

Thank you for the information. I have passed it along to Qolsys techs and will post their response here.

Just heard back. The time zone being off by an hour is a known issue and has been addressed in 2.4.2 which should be available next week

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply

On a hunch I put in patch tag for 2.4.2 and it is live. I can also report it fixed the time problem on the iq remote

That’s good to hear! The patch notes for 2.4.2 are up here as well!