IQ panel working with Vera lite

With the latest software on the IQ panel, I was able to add Vera lite as the (primary) controller. The IQ panel showed up in Vera as a scene device. What are the scenes supported on the IQ panel?

I want to be able to see IQ panel goes into arm/disarm state so that it will trigger some lights or automation on Vera to provide visual/audio feedback on arming/disarming. Any suggestion on how this can be done?


The Vera would not be able to do anything regarding the armed state of the IQ panel. That information is not shared or visible via Zwave.

However, rules can be set up for lighting based on the arming state of the panel.

For example, you can create a rule stating that when the system is armed stay, living room, hall lights turn on, etc.

This seems like a (small) step in the right direction. I guess I need to do this update on my IQ panel and see what I can do with it. My biggest disappointment when I “switched” over to and QOL was that I was unable to fully transition over because there is extremely limited z-wave customization possible and, so far, no status reporting for z-wave, which is crucial to the usefulness of z-wave devices. So, now I have to use both the QOL and apps to control my various switches and devices.

Is z-wave status reporting finally going to happen? And what is the stopping block, QOL or ADC?


See this thread.

There are a few other threads on it too. A patent stops the devices themselves from transmitting status, so the alternative is that the panel must constantly poll the devices. This can be taxing on the system if not done right, and you will have some latency. It has been requested a number of times in the past, and we have heard some discussion on it, but currently the panels do not have a method of doing so. It’s on the radar.

Thanks, I just read that post and it I think I read it in the past. I do understand the patent nonsense but I still find it unacceptable. If my Vera (which doesn’t have a monthly fee, btw) can do it, then this system should be able to do it, too. As far as it being taxing on the system if not done right… Do it right. Again, these other systems such as Vera can do it without a problem and there may be a slight delay but at least I can tell what’s on and off.
I appreciate your position as the messenger, Jason, but I think this is a major point of contention that keeps a lot of us from fully integrating our home control to ADC, so it should be on the priority list, not just the radar.


We’ve made a lot of noise to that effect and had quite a few conversations. I cannot report any plans currently but I do know that it is one of the priorities regarding Empower services.

Thanks Jason, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m hoping to try to include QOL panel as a controller to my Vera this weekend.


I had a couple questions about this. I did update my software on the panel this weekend but I didn’t get the chance to try linking it to the Vera. I was wondering what you need to do to pair it up. I saw one menu item that said “Primary Controller” with a check box (it was checked). Do I need to uncheck this to enable it to join the Vera as a secondary? And if I do that does that change any existing relationships it has to z wave fixtures and lights? Right now it is linked to my front door lock to run a light and to disarm the alarm based on the door code. Would any of this be effected by having the panel join the Vera and no longer being a primary controller? Or is that just as far as the Vera is concerned?

Hopefully what I’m asking is clear.


For example, you can create a rule stating that when the system is armed stay, living room, hall lights turn on, etc.

To expand on this a little bit - for those not familiar, there’s two very useful plugins for MiOS:

  • Virtual switches - These are "virtual" devices that can be turned off as part of a scene, schedule, maybe from the Qolsys...
  • Combination switch - This is basically an AND/OR gate - you can set it up to combine the status of several other virtual/real devices, and only turn "on" or "off" when one or more of the others are in the desired state

So if you can get ADC/Qolsys to toggle a device on alarm arming, you should be able to expand that to run multiple scenes or whatever’s needed.

Very interesting, I wonder if any if that would be visible (or accessible) from the panel or if it’s just something visible in Vera UI.
Still not 100% clear on what a virtual switch can do, but it is enticing.