Iq panel weather incorrect

For the past couple of weeks my panel has been reporting the same 7 day weather over and over again every week… in the app it it shows the weather report correctly. Is there a way you can push a weather refresh to the panel, or a way I can manually do this?

The weather in the ADC app would be different from the weather at the panel because weather to the panel is not a feature of Surety Alarm plan.

Weather to the panel was removed when your plan was switched from Surety Home to Surety Alarm so no weather updates would be sent to your panel.

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the old weather display.

Oh. On your description of the the plans the surety home plan lists “severe weather alerts” as a feature of that plan. It does not seem clear that that means without that plan there is no weather forecast… maybe “ panel weather forecast” should be there instead so it is clear… so there is no way to clear out that weather… I would rather have it display nothing at all…

Side question… the plan I have appears to have dropped in price by a dollar to $19, yet I was just billed for on the 11th for $20 for period November 21-December 20.

Apologies for the confusion. Daily forecast and severe weather are not included in the Surety Alarm plan.

As for plan pricing, good eye! We were planning to announce that here shortly, price changes went into effect in the last hour or so. Pricing will be updated on invoices going forward