IQ panel RF compatibility

Can someone provide the most recent RF sensor compatibility chart for the IQ2+?
Is this document linked anywhere on this support site?

Certainly, the latest list can be found here:

Thanks, Jason. The PG9914 is listed as the flat PIR. Is that the actual product description?

DSC calls the PG9914 the Wireless PowerG Digital Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector.

More information on the PG9914 can be found here

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Wonder why qolsys lists it as a different product name than DSC in their compatibility chart?

Not sure, could be due to the general shape or size of the motion detector itself, or possibly how its mounted.

On the PG9914 the Limitation listed is:
Sensitivity Setting
Not Supported /
FW 4.0.0 or Higher
Does this mean that it is no longer Pet-Immune?

No, the sensitivity setting on the detector is a special parameter which is editable on the sensor but the Qolsys panel doesn’t support currently. The parameter is called event counter in the manual. Determines how sensitive the detector will be to movement. By default it is set to low sensitivity, which is recommended especially if pets are involved.