IQ panel reset codes.

Hello, I am a Tech installer. We are a nationwide company and recently received a Panel in from another depot, but it is still Armed. I am trying to reuse this panel, but I don’t how to disarm it with out the code. We have already called the other Depot and they don’t remember what code was set up and Site was also deleted from our System too. I am pretty sure, there’s has to be a way to do like a hard reset to bring it back to factory with out having to go into Settings in the panel. If anybody know a way around Please Help! Thanks.

A similar post can be found here. The Qolsys IQ Panel does not have a physical back-door reset and factory defaulting the settings must be done through the UI with the current code according to Qolsys.

If a vendor sent a panel in that condition without knowledge of the code, it would be effectively unusable.